morro de un coche


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This text is about a car, but it´s a bit poetic, so it seems very hard translating it in English.. I have doubts about few things.

Encontré un diseño impecable de líneas perfectas, un compacto con trazo deportivo y un deportivo compacto, con un morro dulce y picaron el Mito esconde su agresividad detrás del escudo de Alfa Romeo.

I came across an impeccable (gorgeous) design with perfect lines, at the same time a compact car with a sports stroke and a compact sports car, with a nose (I'm not sure what word to use for MORRO), the Mito hides away its aggressiveness behind the shield of Alfa Romeo.

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    I think we'd say 'front end' in UK English, if you mean the whole shape of the front of the car, not just the 'hood', which we call the 'bonnet'.

    Other suggestions:
    'Impeccable' is fine.
    'a compact car with a dash of the sporty and a sportscar that's compact, with a front end that's sweet and spicy'
    and I would drop the word 'away' `- just say, 'the Mito hides its aggression...'


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    In American English we use "hood" for "capó" and "front end" for "morro." I have never heard "nose" used to refer to the front of a car, even though I've seen it in at least two Spanish/English dictionaries, including WordReference. I have heard "nose" used to refer to the front of a plane, however.


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    I am confused too. Depending on what you are actually referring to, it could be "front end" (which in common English usage also can refer to steering assembly and suspension or handling characteristics) or hood (N.Am.)/bonnet (UK et al) (only the engine covering) or perhaps even be limited to the grille configuration (the appearance of the air flow access to the radiator, which commonly defines a car's appearance in many if not most minds - think Edsel or Mustang here, for striking examples). Can any hispanohablante definitively exclude any of these options, for me as well?


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    Hello Ricardocito.
    I'd say that "morro" refers to the whole voulme that goes from the cab frontwards though probably we tend to identify it with the front facade.