mortal shall be swallowed up of life

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Chilean Spanish
Hi, I need help with the underlined terms in the following sentence:

Our departed friends and those who shall live at the return of the Lord are in different relations; for the latter shall not die, but be changed in a moment when this mortal shall be swallowed up of life.

My attempt:
Nuestros amigos que han partido y aquellos que estarán vivos al regreso del Señor se encuentran en relaciones diferentes; pues estos últimos no morirán, sino que serán cambiados en un momento cuando a este mortal se le extraiga la vida.

But it doesn't make much sense in spanish. ¿Can mortal be cuerpo mortal? ¿is it swallowed up of life correct as I translated it?
Thank you!
  • Zarcero

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    ...swallowed up of life...does not make much sense in English. I believe it to be metaphor for extinguished of life.
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