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Hi guys,

could you tell me please if the following sentence is acceptable in MSA

ذهبت إلى المصرف للطلب القرض العقاري

I know I could use a verb instead of طلب but I think it is also possible to say it like this "I went to the bank for the mortage load demand". I am just not sure about the إضافة :oops:

By the way could you tell me التشكيل of طلب ?

  • akhooha

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    If you mean "I went to the bank to request a mortgage loan", then I believe you'd say:
    ذهبت إلى المصرف لطلبِ القرض العقاري
    Note: If you want to use an iDafa structure, you can't make طلبِ definite.


    Arabic (Egypt).
    If it is a mortage loan request (fr. demande and En. demand are false friends, be careful :) ), then it should be لِطَلَبِ قَرْضٍ عَقارِيٍّ , but if it's the mortgage loan request, then لِطَلَبِ القَرْضِ العقارِيِّ .
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