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The dictionary says:
mortier nm(chapeau de magistrat ou de diplômé)mortarboard n
Dans les pays anglo-saxons, les étudiants portent un mortier à la remise des diplômes.
In Anglo-Saxon countries, students wear a mortarboard to their graduation.

"Mortarboard" is a very technical term; the usual term used by students and teachers across North America is simply "cap" (as in "cap and gown" - « le toge et le mortier » in Canada.)
  • Hello,

    Thank you for this message. I've added cap and academic cap to the translations. In fact, in general conversation, I'd say we would simply say cap most of the time too. However, mortarboard is obviously the more specific term. Clearly it exists in AE, as I can find it in AE dictionaries. Would you say it is a word most Americans/Canadians wouldn't recognise?