most brave and merciful king [Superlatives?]

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These two sentences are to me very confusing.

What say you, most brave and merciful king of Argos?
Now, they hold an event once a year, that is the most elaborate, beautiful and rich affair...

I don't understand this, when you say "most brave and merciful king of Argos", does it mean that both adjectives are superlatives or "most brave" is superlative and "merciful" is positive?
Same goes for "most elaborate, beautiful and rich affair"?
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    I understand 'most' as emphasizing all the following adjectives in both sentences.

    If it were to refer to only one of them, the author would have to clarify it by changing the order:
    "merciful and most brave king."

    (It would probably not be prudent to point out to the king that, although he is merciful, he is not as merciful as it is possible to be.)
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