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James Bates

I just bought Merriam-Webster's Chinese dictionary, which I chose primarily for its compactness. I also own their German and French dictionaries, which I chose, once again, because of their size. However, I was wondering if anybody could tell me what the most comprehensive bilingual Chinese dictionary is. I'm guessing Fuchsenberger's Chinesisch-Deutsches Universalwörterbuch. I own Oxford's French and German dictionaries and know they offer a Chinese dictionary as well, but it doesn't seem to be nearly as comprehensive as Fuchsenberger's.
  • xiaolijie

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    Chinese study is an evolving subject and it's difficult to say which is the MOST comprehensive dictionary. A few years ago I was looking for the most comprehensive bilingual Chinese dictionary I could find and I found one with the title "New Age Chinese-English Dictionary" (新时代汉英大词典), published by The Commercial Press (2001). This is the most comprehensive for my need (over 2000 large pages in a single volume) but I'm sure there are more comprehensive ones, if you don't confine yourself to single-volume dictionaries.
    At the time, I also read that the "ABC Chinese-English Comprehensive Dictionary" (by John DeFrancis and others) had more entries than any other single-volume dictionaries, but it turned out that, for convenience of looking up, a large number of entries are repeated (a two-character word is listed twice, a four-character word is listed 4 times, etc...)
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