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Inglés canadiense
But regarding international dubs in Spanish for the Americas, my impression when I hear them is that it's mostly a construct clearly based on educated Mexican. How much international dubbing is actually produced by Chile compared to Mexico?
When asked about what other Spanish is seen as more neutral to Chileans, they mentioned Peruvian Spanish. What makes me think Peruvian traits are clearly perceived as less noticeable than, say, those from neighbouring Argentina
I think this mostly has to do with the fact that central Mexico and the Peruvian highlands are two of the only places where all consonants tend to be pronounced (i.e. codal S and codal/intervocalic D), even in informal or "uneducated" speech.

Edit: Peruvian/Bolivian highland Spanish is also lleísta due to the influence of the indigenous languages of the area, which could influence the opinion of its "correctness" (from what I understand, this is also one of the reasons that the Spanish of Valladolid is considered "better" by some).
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    Standard Chinese is based on the Beijing dialect.

    Standard Hindi is based on the Delhi dialect (Khari Boli).

    Standard Basque is a sort of koiné based on the Central dialects (Guipuzcoan, High Navarrese, Lapurdian).

    The thing is, Barcelona locals having changed so much since 1913, I doubt there still is a "traditional" Barcelona accent, rather several modern accents derived from intermingling. To the point that you see on TV a proportinally high number of presenters, actors, etc, who are from other areas.
    I consider the speech of most native speakers from Barcelona region above 50s or so to be the most standard. I don't know how much has changed from a century ago, but it may certainly be the case that the areas around Tarragona and Girona have a more standard accent than Barcelona nowadays, because whereas their accent has become Barcelona-ized, Barcelona's accent has become Castilianized.

    Maybe in 20 years' time xava will have become (even) more normalized and everybody will find pronouncing all schwas as /a/ perfectly normal Catalan.

    If you asked around what is the "purest" Catalan, certainly nobody would say Barcelona. Vic may be the most often-quoted answer.


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    Catalan (Catalonia), Spanish (Spain)
    Maybe in 20 years' time xava will have become (even) more normalized and everybody will find pronouncing all schwas as /a/ perfectly normal Catalan.
    For heaven's sake, let's touch wood!! :eek::D

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    In Ireland, there is an accent (based on South Dublin speech) that is gaining currency over much of the country via the media but there are so many Irish accents (including within cities) that I don't think we can say that any one "city" is the standard. The same is true of the Irish language (which is actually an artifical standard created to enable comprehension between speakers of different dialects, a bit like High German).