Mostly cloudy conditions


Today: Mostly cloudy conditions with 12 m/s winds from the north.
The high will be 27°. Windy tonight with a low of 22° .

Source: My iPhone's local weather report.

The question of this thread is whether "conditions" should be removed to make it sound more natural. The report must be a translation from Chinese becuase it is the weather in some city in Mainland China. Someone translated it (or machine translated it since weather report has a set pattern?) from Chinese to English.
  • S1m0n

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    Natural would not have 'conditions' unless there was an obvious break before "...with 12 m/s winds..." in which you need 'conditions' to turn mostly cloudy into a noun phrase.


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    "Mostly cloudy conditions" sounds just as natural as "mostly cloudy" in AE. Perhaps you are not used to the word "conditions", but I've heard it in thousands of weather reports.

    It isn't a full sentence. But nobody expects a full sentence in a very short weather report like this.

    Full sentences:

    There will be mostly cloudy conditions today, with 12 m/s winds coming from the north.
    The weather will be mostly cloudy today, with 12 m/s winds coming from the north.

    Uncle Jack

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    Weather forecasts tend to be brief, and it is common to mix adjectives ("cloudy") with nouns ("rain"), but there is nothing wrong with adding "conditions", especially when describing the overall situation.


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    It seems wholly unremarkable to me too. Although if I had written it I would have omitted conditions - fewer words, same information. :)
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