mother made meals

  • Keith Bradford

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    English (Midlands UK)
    If you're going to do this, you must insert a hyphen between the two parts of the adjective: "mother-made meals".

    However it's not a standard expression, and I would prefer "Meals like mother used to make". This is a standard expression (a cliché even).


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    Thank you for your answer :)

    But I don't think your suggestion would fit in my sentence:
    "Every Friday they all make their way to the station and go back home for the weekend, dragging along their luggage overflowing with laundry.
    On Sunday night you can hear again the noise of their suitcase wheels on the city pavements, but this time full of mother-made meals."

    What do you think about?


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    UK English
    You’re translating your French phrase into English? I would suggest ‘meals made by their mothers’. As KB says ‘mother-made’ sounds strange,

    Uncle Bob

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    I think "mother's home cooking" would be better.
    PS Coincided with dewsy. The choice of "good" versus "mother's" is yours.