Mother-tongue "traps"

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Inglés canadiense
I was once asked by a very gracious woman from the Phillippines whether or not I would like a lovely cup of "hairball" tea. :) Thinking that there was, perhaps, something about her native culture's tea-drinking habits that I really did not want to learn first-hand, I politely declined her offer. It was mere seconds later that I figured out what she meant and quickly told her that I had changed my mind and would love a cup.
This reminds me of a scene in the movie Snatched where the mom and daughter arrive at their resort in Ecuador and are greeted with a white beverage and a hearty "Welcome!", but pronounced "waylc..." Goldie Hawn's character was having none of it. 😂 I had never made that phonetic connection until then, and now I will never forget it.
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