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Hello everybody,
I don't know how to translate the first part of the first following sentence :
"Motion to send an arrangement to the Senor Actives, congratulating them on a job well done. I mean, we have a really strong-looking rush class this year"
Context : An Alumni is speaking about this Rush thing in sororities. Obviously she wants to congratulate the Senior students for their choices among rushees. I don't know if I get the whole sentence or if it's really beginning by "motion". And what is an arrangement here please ?
My try or rather my guess :
"Une motion pour envoyer un petit mot aux Etudiantes confirmées, pour les féliciter de leur travail. En effet nos nouvelles recrues ont l'air de bien tenir la route cette année."

Thank you very much for your help.
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    Motion = "I propose a motion". Senor Actives has me stumped. Don't forget if this is a US context, student years are named (Freshmen - 1ere année etc) and Seniors would be les 3ème années.

    An arrangement is truly obscure. Could it be a flower arrangement?
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