motivé en droit et en fait

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    chaque décision administrative doit être motivée en droit et en fait.

    What does the "en fait" mean?

    The rest is presumably that there must be legal grounds for any administrative decision.
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    Fait here means fact, so I suppose you could say " and factual grounds.."
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    Ma proposition :

    "Each administrative decision should be grounded in law and in fact"
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    Thank you for all your help!
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    If a decision must be motivée, the reasons for the decision must be stated in or along with it.

    chaque décision administrative doit être motivée en droit et en fait


    reasons based on both law and fact must be given [or: stated] for every administrative decision.

    edit - see the post by Stefan Ivanovitch on that point in this thread:

    So "every administrative decision shall state the reasons of law and fact on which it is based" would work well too.

    It really is best to research a term of art like that rather than guess.
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