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Hi, I am working on an advertising for an event. I would like to know how to say "motivational speaker" in French.

Ex. A motivational speaker engages the audience and shares best practices, experiences and life lessons ...
Any suggestions would help. Thank you.
  • Kelly B

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    USA English suggests conférencier spécialiste de la motivation among other things, but I don't know whether that is widely used.


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    Hi vocabularygirlfriend,

    'Conférencier motivationnel' is used. You can google it and get hits. (of course, google is not the reference for correct usage!!)



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    Much, much later...
    What about conférencier (spécialisé) en développement personnel ?


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    Le terme motivateur (substantif) est aussi utilisé, par les Québécois je pense, ce que je trouve plutôt adéquat.
    Sinon comme adjectif: conférencier motivateur.
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