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  1. joinitaly Member

    Good morning fellow translators,

    A new request for suggestions.......

    I am translating the web site for a Marketing company. The section in question is a list of their activities within the environmental and social area of a company.

    Environmental and Social

    Corporate Social Responsibility
    Motivi di interesse
    Our work output

    Thanks in advance

    The phrase I am having a problem with is "Motivi di interesse". I so far have "Reasons for interest" (found here on the forum, although it doesn't seem to make sense). Is there anyone out there who understands business lingo?
  2. King Crimson

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    I agree that a literal translation would not work here. Perhaps, you could borrow (with a little tweak) an expression used in the context of conferences, that is "Why you should attend", which could become "Why you should be interested".
  3. joinitaly Member

    Hi King Crimson, thanks for the imput - my brain has started whirring and I'm thinking "Why it is important" ..... the previous paragrah was explaining what Corporate Social Responsibilty is:

    "It is necessary for the company to appreciate, assess and represent its social commitment, revealing environmental and social strategies with a view to facilitate a fluid and positive information flow to external entities. Furthermore, in order to engage and empower all the stakeholders, it is preferable to opt for co-responsibility and co-determination strategies for social and environmental policies.

    "Why this is important" could make sense

  4. Alessandrino Senior Member

    Hi Jo!

    If that's of any consolation, that doesn't make much sense in Italian either. It's not business lingo, it just sounds weird.

    I agree with King Crimson, you need to figure out something different. Maybe Why it matters.
  5. london calling Senior Member

    Hello to Jo from another Jo!.:)

    I see from the website that what it actually says is:

    Motivi di interesse della tematica

    the tematica being Ambientale e Sociale.

    Difficult one.:) Here, they're clearly saying that it is in the company's/stakeholders' interest to bear evironmental and social issues/themes in mind and, as you say, Reasons for Interest is no good, because it doesn't convey that idea at all.

    So, I basically think we need to paraphrase the concept. I wonder if something along the lines of this would work:

    Why are environmental and social issues important (to us)?

    Edit. Ciao Ale. Vedo che l'hai interpretata come me.;)
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  6. joinitaly Member

    Thanks everyone ..... In my word file the links don't open!! (quite scary really because there's an awful lot of text in Italian - hope to god I wasn't meant to translate that as well because I can say ciao to my deadline) so obviously I hadn't accessed the site.
    I'm think I'm going to go with "Why CSR matters".

    Have a great day


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