1. caro.ll.e New Member

    canada - francais
    J'aimerais connaitre des petits mots gentils que l'on dit à un jeune bébé/enfant (garcon et fille). genre: ma petite puce... etc. en anglais svp.
  2. tu veux en connaitre en francais ou en anglais ?

    en francais:
    joli ... "petit bout de chou"

    en anglais ???
  3. ninoupticha Senior Member

    nancy, 54
    france, french
    sweetheart, honey, angel... but im not english so....i can be wrong. :)
  4. Jean-Michel Carrère Senior Member

    French from France
    Caro, if it is English words or phrases you want, then I would suggest you had better ask in English.
  5. nicky62 New Member

    Uk, English
    poppet, cherub, pudding, chubby chops, little monkey, mummy's little angel (!), bubba - I'm sorry, cannot think of one original one!
  6. Jabote Senior Member

    Mirabel, Quebec, Canada
    French from France
  7. caro.ll.e New Member

    canada - francais
    thanks to all
    this is exactly the kind of words I'm looking for.

    feel free to add more, if any
  8. Didier_S

    Didier_S Senior Member

    France - French
    I like a lot "My little one".
  9. scandalously in love

    scandalously in love Senior Member

    Canada - English
    darling, sweetheart, sweety, cutie-pie, big boy (umm, if its a boy ;))....
  10. lainyn

    lainyn Senior Member

    Canadian English
    My all-time favourite: half-pint (from Laura Ingalls Wilder, the auto-biographical author).

    Also, buttercup.
  11. katheter Member

    Poitou charentes
    Ireland, English
    babbee. bird. darlin'. gorgeous. chubby cheeks. squidgy

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