mou-mou (garment) [muumuu]

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'She wanted to run out into the street dressed as she was, in her red flowered mou-mou, and scream at them all, her neighbors, her former friends on the street, the still-marrieds.'

from I Anna (a novel)


I can't seem to find the description of mou-mou (as a piece of garment).
It is later referred to as a dress. What does a mou-mou look like?
Please help. Thank you.
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    Our dictionary spells it muumuu:

    a loose, brightly coloured dress as traditionally worn by Hawaiian women.

    If you click the images link, you will see pictures.


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    Traditional in a very recent sense: it is a shortened (and sometimes fitted or tailored) version of the original ankle-length, shapeless gown introduced (read: insisted upon) by religious missionaries to cover up the shameless, underclad (irony intended) women of Hawaii.
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