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  1. olga69 Senior Member

    Can I say "I like mountain skiing" referring to Alpine skiing?
    If yes, does it sound natural?
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    Why not? Alpine skiing is a competitive sport to Olympic level. Mountain skiing is skiing in mountains, and if that's your preferred way to break your leg, please don't let us stop you!
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    Yes, and "mountain skiing" is well attested online.
  4. Andygc

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    No. Alpine skiing is one type of skiing in mountains. Ski touring is also skiing in mountains, but it uses different equipment and people doing it walk up the hills. Cross-country skiing also takes place in mountains, but usually near the valleys to avoid a lot of uphill work. The alternative name for alpine skiing is downhill skiing, not mountain skiing. The phrase "mountain skiing" with the meaning "alpine (or downhill) skiing" is not well-attested online. There are many websites that have {name of the mountain} skiing as in Blue Mountain skiing and Mammoth Mountain skiing. There are also several sites that refer to "big mountain skiing". That is not conventional alpine skiing, but a combination of skiing on difficult terrain combined with jumps and stunts - one of the pathways to freestyle skiing. Then there is "all-mountain skiing" which makes a point of going off piste. There's also descriptive use: "Our sprawling mountain skiing complex", where the skiing complex is up a mountain, rather than there being a resort that offers "mountain skiing". And, of course, there are the web sites with a well-placed full stop as in "It's all here at CairnGorm Mountain. Skiing, Snowboarding, Freestyle, Telemarking."

    No, it's a type of skiing developed as a recreational activity in the late 19th century for holidaymakers in the Alps, and which has subsequently become a competitive sport. It remains a recreational activity for the vast majority of people who ski downhill.

    olga69, if you want people who ski to understand you, it's "alpine skiing" or "downhill skiing".
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  6. olga69 Senior Member

    Thank you, everybody, for your help!

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