"mountains heaped with sugar spoons"


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Hello everyone,here is my question:

"This city is silver in the moon.
And mountains heaped with sugar spoons."

In this lyric, what does the second sentence mean?

Does that mean that these mountains are shaped like sugar spoons?

Sugar spoons usually is made of stainless steel, maybe the mountain's colour looks like steel?

or some other meanings?
  • weijiabo

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    Does that mean the mountain looks like a heaped spoonful of sugar? because of the moonlight,the colour of the mountain is white.


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    Where did you find this curious sentence? Is it from the lyrics of a song? If so, you need to tell us which song - and what the song is about. The phrase has no apparent meaning as you have presented it. (Of course, songs often don't have much meaning anyway so you can interpret them as you wish.)


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    Thank you Velisarius! I found this sentence from a song called 'Like Castanets' by Bishop Allen.

    Below are the

    This city is silver in the moon
    And mountains heaped with sugar spoons
    The click and clatter of my feet
    On lonely crooked cobbled streets

    <<Excess quotation deleted - I'm so sorry but we allow only four lines of verse. :(>>
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    I think your guess is absolutely right, weijiabo - it means that the mountains look as though they're made of sugar that was piled up there by a spoon.

    (Cross-posted with POB, who might be absolutely right.)


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    Thank you pob14 and JustKate! I got it. I like the sentence very much. I think it's a very vivd description .
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