mourir de rire..

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  1. topaze Member

    Comment dit-on en anglais :"quand tu verras la photo, tu vas t'écrouler de rire/tu vas mourir de rire..?"
    J'ai entendu:"you'll laugh all your socks.."cette expression existe -t-elle?

    thanks for reply
  2. Gil Senior Member

    Français, Canada
    It seems it does:
  3. titi22 Senior Member

    french FRANCE
    "être plié de rire" can be 'rolling on the floor laughing' ROFL. 'laugh out loud' is (i think) a little bit less strong. For yours, i can't answer.
  4. RocketGirl

    RocketGirl Senior Member

    Canada, English
    "Laugh your socks off" is the expression. It sounds sort of little kiddish to me, but it's a more polite way of saying "laugh your ass off", although that's what I personally would say.

    "You'll die of laughter" is also a common thing to say and would work in this context.
  5. RocketGirl

    RocketGirl Senior Member

    Canada, English
    Those are mostly things that get written in moblie / online text messages. You don't really hear them spoken very much.
  6. titi22 Senior Member

    french FRANCE
    yes it's true...
  7. Coppers Senior Member

    South Yorkshire
    English - England
    In this case you may say that one wet oneself :warn: with laughter.. :)
  8. RocketGirl

    RocketGirl Senior Member

    Canada, English
    I thought about that too, but since it's something that will happen in the future and since it's happening to someone else, I don't think it's the best choice of words to say "You'll wet yourself" (or "Pee your pants" we say here...)
  9. kats Senior Member

    You'll die laughing.
    You'll be doubled up with laughter. (used more in the past than future)
  10. RocketGirl

    RocketGirl Senior Member

    Canada, English
    That's a good one kats. Acutally, if I were telling my friends about a picture that was absolutely hilarious, I might even just say "That photo is so hilarious, you'll just die when you see it!" (Die of laughter here is implied)

    I still like "you'll laugh your ass off":warning:, although this is really only to be used when talking with friends, not so much your mother. (Not my mother, anyway;) )
  11. topaze Member

    Thanks a lot at all for your quick replies !

    -Yes " you'll die laughing " must be the right one -

    But I had in my head the other sentence "laugh your socks off" even I didn't exactly the meaning of it..

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