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Hello amigos!:)

Anna mourned/grieved/sorrowed for her dad´s death.

Can I use interchangeably these three verbs in this context? Is there a subtle nuance among them?

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    Mourned for/grieved for are both fine.

    In current English, sorrow is not used as a verb, though there are some older examples of this (e.g. from the Bible).

    As for the difference between mourning and grieving, they are similar, but mourning primarily refers to the outward things that a person does when someone has died. So for instance, wearing black clothes or crying at the funeral.

    Grieving is the emotion that a person feels when someone has died.

    So normally the emotion of grief causes the action of mourning, but you can imagine a disconnection between the two. You could (hypocritically) mourn someone in public, but privately feel no grief at all.
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