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Hello everybody!
I'm new here and I'm looking for help to translate an English sentence into Italian.
Context: the character of the book is eating ice-cream with her family.
Here is her sentence:
I scoop up the first of what looks like three mouse-sized bites of rocky road.
Here is my attempt:
Prendo il primo cucchiaino delle tre piccolissime palline di gelato rocky road nella mia coppetta.
I'm having a hard time finding a good translation for mouse-sized.

Is there any English native-speaking who can help me understand if I can find a better solution?

Thank you in advance for your help!
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    Hi Annyco - are there any other clues in the surrounding context about the size of her serving? It could be that the scoops are very very small, or that each scoop is about the size of a small mouse (weird comparison without a good reason) - without knowing more, it's hard to picture such a scene.


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    I don't think the bites she makes are the size of a mouse but rather the bites she takes are the size that would be taken by a mouse. Could it be something like "tre piccolissimi assagini" or something similar? I'm not aware of any Italian phrases which use "mouse sized" to indicate small but I have been know to be wrong before!


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    Even though ‘mouse-sized bites’ is an expression that is used occasionally, I think may be a typo here for two reasons. One is because one of the hits for that line in the book says it’s an excerpt “from an advance uncorrected copy”. The second is that the word ‘scoop’ is used. That would suggest something a little larger than something a mouse could fit its mouth. But who knows. Only the author. :rolleyes::D
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