mouth pinched into a bead

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Good evening,

I wonder if mouth pinched into a bead means her mouth became like a tiny ball! Here Maureen was eating a toast when she hears a surprising news from her husband who tells her: an old friend of him remembers her and sends her regards. But she refuses to say anything about it, and instead she changes the subject, and talks about French's interest in Britain bread!

Harold passed her what she needed and returned to his letter. ................ . Then he smiled, remembering this was how it always was with Queenie; everything she did so precise you couldn't fault it. "She remembers you. She sends her regards." Maureen's mouth pinched into a bead. "A chap on the radio was saying the French want our bread.
It's part of "The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry"by Rachel Joyce, British writer.

Many thanks.
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