Move along, woman.

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All right,

No offense to any profs out there: my friend and I were talking about our French professor. As a joke, sort of, we would like to know how to say "Move along, woman. Ask someone else. I do not want to answer that question."

<<Circulez, donzelle. Posez á quelqu'un d'autre. J'veux pas repondre á ça.>>

Cheers mates!
  • piloulac

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    <<Circulez, donzelle. Interrogez quelqu'un d'autre. J'veux pas repondre à ça.>>


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    You absolutely can't call your teacher "donzelle". It's offensive. You must say Mam'zelle, instead. Other than that, the "à ça" is useless and doesn't sound very natural. So it should rather be:
    "Circulez Mam'zelle, interrogez quelqu'un d'autre, je veux pas répondre."
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