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Malaysia - English & Malay
In a conversation with a local, I need to say that "I don't know how to move around at here"
(some sort like I'm not familiar with this town because this is my first time at here.)
Is it the sentence will be,
"Je ne sais pas comment bouger ici."
Merci :)
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    Malaysia - English & Malay
    Merci beaucoup,
    I would like to have detail about the construction of the sentence too.
    How does "m'y retrouver" was formed? And the exactly meaning is?


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    The meaning of "se retrouver" is "Savoir à nouveau se repérer, après s'être perdu" that's to say, "to find one's way after being lost "
    ( trouver = to find , retrouver: to find again ( you were there, then you lost your way, then you find it again ))

    ne pas savoir s'y retrouver : more or less: to be unable to come back to a place
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