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‘Touch’ extends past simply touching between you and your partner – be proactive in things like choosing bedsheets or moving around current ones. Obviously, during spontaneous sexual encounters, at someone else’s house for example, you may not have as much control over whether you can change or move things like bedsheets and other aspects of your environment, but if something like that is bothering you, try to move it out of the way completely. (Luke Jackson 'Sex, drugs and Asperger's Syndrome')

What does 'moving around the bedsheets' mean here according to you? Thanks for help.
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    "Moving around bedsheets" = "moving bedsheets around" = (I suppose) "moving bedsheets from one bed to another".


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    It's repeated her without "around", so the meaning is the same.

    you can change or move things like bedsheets
    You can move the sheets that are on the bed. You can change their position, in any way you want. (I assume that includes turning them over, top to bottom, or tucking them in or not. Loob has a different take on it, so I'm not sure anymore.


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    Oh yes, veli's explanation would work too!

    Added. The more I think of it, the more I think veli's right....
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