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Be so kind to tell me whether "move around" is a "intransitive verb+preposition" or "phrasal verb" in
1) I could hear someone moving around upstairs. (I think it is not the phrasal verb,but the verb+the preposition))
2) My father was a member of the armed forces, so we moved around often. (phrasal verb)
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    Golly, that's hard to say!

    In both your examples, "move around" is a phrasal verb. I think "upstairs" in your first sentence is an adverb answering the question "in what place did they move around?"

    It's clear that in a sentence like "we moved around often" or "somebody was moving around in the attic" that "move around" is a phrasal verb. But in a sentence like "She couldn't stop fidgeting; she moved around the room constantly" then you have a verb + prepositional phrase structure.

    Both interpretations - and both uses - are possible. Maybe it's best not to wonder about this too hard?
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