move at least three or four hexes

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-You should in fact use that charge bomb because I'd love to move at least three or four hexes because this Turtlesaurus is coming out of the side.

(from the movie: Joshy)

The context of the scene: the guys in the movie are playing a board game called "Mecha Dungeon Crawl".
Can you explain me in your own words what does it mean exactly "move at least three or four hexes"?

Thanks in advance.
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    It is likely that the board is divided into hexagons (hexes), and that the pieces can be moved from one hexagon to an adjacent hexagon provided it is empty. He wants to clear an area so that he can move three or four places in one turn.


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    I agree. Some board games (especially war games) divide the board (the map) into hexagons instead of squares. It makes sense to call them "hexes" instead of "spaces". A one-hex move would move from the current spot to an adjacent empty hex. A four-hex move would do that four times in one turn.

    Different Mechas have different max move distances (in hexes) per turn, but can move less than the max.

    Asking you to use the charge bomb implies that the 4-hex path he would like to take is blocked (has a non-empty hex) but the object blocking it can be destroyed with a "charge bomb".

    Here is a diagram from the game's user manual, showing the hex board:

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