move on and off the front lines

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Buenos días, foreros

Esta es mi frase. Mi duda es con lo que está destacado en negrita. Gracias.

Good playbooks help good social programs scale; they insure that nothing slows down or changes when team members move on and off the front lines, and that partners like agencies can help act as an extension of your team but with a consistent voice and approach.

Los buenos manuales de estrategias ayudan a escalar buenos programas sociales; aseguran que nada se ralentice o cambie cuando se traslada a los miembros del equipo de atención al público y que los socios como agencias puedan ayudar a actuar como una extensión de tu equipo pero con una voz y un enfoque coherentes
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    Let me explain the original to you. In a war, an army constantly rotates its soldiers to and from the front line (where the battle is raging). This allows the tired and wounded soldiers to rest and receive treatment. This idea is used as a metaphor here, and the text is talking about personnel who join and leave the active work of a program. Because the staff members are constantly changing, a "playbook" is needed to keep everyone focused on the same goals, etc.

    Something like this:
    ...cuando los miembros del equipo vienen al programa y se van.

    You can improve that.
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