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    The guy said to the tollbooth lady, "I need change."
    Why did the lady reply those irrelevant words to him? I'm totally confused.
    Shed some light please.;_ylt=Ags5hsLvPQX8IbIUe.FAp_HmcLQF


    Change in English has several meanings. The two relevant meanings in this "joke" are as follows;

    Change (monetary) - ie. Coins, or maybe notes of small value. For example, at the toll booth, the man could only pay with a 100$ note, so he would need change.

    Change (a variation) - She is assuming that he wants a change in his life or lifestyle or personal circumstances, so she suggests that he move to a different area.


    Ps. In reply to your second post, I believe Wisconsin was just a place name that was chosen for no particular wisdom - unless it has a particular reputation in the US for being a place of innovation and change???

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    I don't know why Wisconsin was mentioned either, and I have relatives in that state.

    Wisconsin is known as the dairy state. I'm not sure how change would come into it, unless they are talking about a change of scenery or a change of cultural values from what the man in the car is accustomed to.

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    He was probably going over a toll bridge from some other state to Wisconsin. Instead of a dollar bill, he offered her a five dollar bill. She said, "I need change." When he was all flustered, she said, "Move to Wisconsin,"--which literally means if he would move to where he was going over a toll bridge, he wouldn't have to pull a dollar out every time he crossed that bridge--he would already BE where he was going.

    Does this make sense?

    . 1

    Australian Australia
    My name is Joh Jonnson
    I come from Wisconson
    I work in the lumber yard there
    When I walk down the street to
    all the people I meet I say,

    My name is Jon Johnnson
    I come from Wisconson...

    This is a childhood song about a really boring bloke living in a really boring place.

    I suspect that there was a hint of boredom from the toll booth along the lines of, 'Yeah, I've heard it all before, and from funnier blokes than you!'

    Tatzingo has the correct interpretation of the pun joke of the word change.
    It is not the best pun and would have been improved had he asked, "I need some change?"