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    Как лучше сказать по-русски "move towards legitimacy?"

    Контектс такой - ...organized crime's loss of its monopoly on private protection rackets, combined with its move toward legitimacy, legal and regulatory business reform...

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    That's a good question. )
    I would propose "постепенная легализация", or "переход на легальную (законную) основу". Another variants are also possible, of course.
  3. Al Blanco

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    I would say that 'легализация' is a wrong word here. I think that it should be something like "движение к правовому государству", "переход к соблюдению законов"...
  4. Awwal12

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    Moscow, the RF
    Чьё движение к правовому государству - в контексте? Недопонял вас.
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    ah, maybe it's me who understood it wrong. If MYRNIST gives the whole sentence it will be more clear. Who is moving to legitimacy? Organized crime? But in this case you cannot say 'переход на легальную (законную) основу'.

    "Организованная преступность России переходит на законную основу". A bit ambigious...
  6. MYRNIST Member

    Все предложение-

    Indeed, organized crime's loss of its monopoly on private protection rackets, combined with its move toward legitimacy, legal and regulatory business reform, and the consolidation of central power under Russian president Vladimir Putin, have greatly decreased its hold over the Russian private sector.

    Надеюсь, что дополнительный контектс вам помогает понять смысль предложения. Я просто не знаю как правильно перевести такое метафорические движение на русский язык.
  7. Volpicella

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    Looks like it was originally translated from Russian papers. Really overloaded with the sense. It took a bit investigation to guess who did what. I guess, this version below is correct but would prefer to see the surrounding sentences :)

    В действительности, потеря организованной преступностью монопольного влияния на частный сектор при одновременном движении бизнеса в сторону легитимизации и правового регулирования <...>
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  8. dec-sev Senior Member

    If we consider the Russian sentence to be original the English one is not correct, I’m afraid, or, at least, ambiguous. There are two “its” in the sentence and both seem to be referring to organized crime, but, judging by the Russian sentence the first “its” refers to “business”. On the other hand it’s not clear whose business: organized crime business or business in general. If we suppose that it’s about the former I can’t imagine how organized crime’s move towards legitimacy can decrease its hold over the private sector. May be I understand “move towards legitimacy” wrongly. I know a man who used to be a racketeer some 15 years ago but now he is a city counsel deputy. Speaking about him people say “он легализовался». I’m not sure if it’s correct or not to say so. I understand “легализация экономики» as a process when, e.g. an enterprise that used to work without being registered by the authorities, didn´t pay taxes, etc. is now properly registered and its activity is in conformity with laws.
    I don’t know if “move towards legitimacy” is metaphorical or not. Politicians and journalists sometimes use such phrases. One day I heard one of the Russians officials say “вектор российской внешней политики», but in English it was translated as just “Russian foreign policy”. I would do the same :)

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