moverse "por" el colegio

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  1. deMadrizzzz Member


    en la oracion:

    Hacen una fila en silecio para moverse por el colegio

    Estaría bien:

    They get in a quiet line in order to move ¿around? school

    No se cómo decir ese "por", para darle un sentido de "por todo el colegio, para ir de un sitio a otro..."

    muchas gracias por la ayuda!
  2. ETcallHome Senior Member

    Spanish - Mexico
    Hola, según yo así va bien, pero con "go around the school"
    Ah, y yo usaría queue en ligar de line
  3. deMadrizzzz Member

    ok, thanks a lot!
  4. jinti

    jinti Senior Member

    They line up silently to go around the school.
  5. Boubou! Senior Member

    I believe that queue is for when somebody is shopping or something like that. For me, when we are at school, we stand in a line or line-up, but don't really queue.
    I just wanted to point that out

    Have a nice day


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