1. Bobby T New Member

    U.S.A., English
    "Je Vous Tout" was on the side of the hero's plane. What does it mean??

  2. clairenz Member

    New Zealand - English
    literally these words mean "me you all" but I haven't seen the movie so not sure of the context for a better translation...
  3. Stefan Ivanovich Senior Member

    Paris, France
    As clairenz pointed out, je vous tout is ungrammatical and therefore meaningless.
    Might it not be Je vois tout (I see all, I can see it all) ?
  4. Bobby T New Member

    U.S.A., English
  5. Bobby T New Member

    U.S.A., English
    You were correct. Thank you so much.
  6. FHH New Member

    The French is above and forward of a bald eagle's head.

    The Eagle is stylized to appear to be seeking prey to the front.

    Below/behind the head is added:

    "A snake deserves no pity"

    Depending on which scene in the movie (which side of the aircraft...)... the French is either "Je Vous Tout"... or "Je Vois Tout."

    I believe the "Je Vous Tout" is an error by the person who painted that panel for the movie.

    "I See All" makes sense.

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