moving through the stands


Since music and dancing are an important part of Dominican culture, you might even find a merengue band moving through the stands at a baseball game.

Could I rephrase the line in bold as following:

a merengue band moving around the stands.

  • JamesM

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    I suppose you could, but it makes it possible for someone to misinterpret it as the band actually walking around the perimeter of the stands rather than walking among the people in the stands.


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    That's how I would read it. :)

    Here are a few Googled examples:

    Two NBA mascots, Rufus of the Bobcats and Harry the Hawk of the Atlanta, also moved through the stands. They talked with the kids and sometimes sat down beside them for a few minutes...

    Hucksters selling souvenir glasses and small trays with the pictures of the gladiators painted on them moved through the stands.

    People were constantly waving to friends as they moved through the stands, shouting out to their peeps and clusters of people who were sitting together...