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I looked up the phrase "voice message" and it has a different meaning from what I want to express. I am wondering if my phrase make sense and sounds natural in the context:

May I send you a mp3 voice message to your email?

What I mean by "mp3 voice message": I have a recording software and a microphone, I can say anything to the software and and the software will record what I say, finally I click the "done" button and it becomes a mp3 file, when anyone plays the file, they can hear what I say to them".

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P.S.: This question is not the same the one I posted, if they are the same, please put them together, dear mods. Here is the link to my other thread.
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    Can I email you an MP3 file?

    What you're asking with this question is whether they have the software to listen to an MP3 file attachment.


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    Dear Copy,

    I now have a new question about the same phrase "voice message". I guess you never use apps like QQ and Wechat. But I guess some other app might also include the function I am going to talk about.

    I use QQ or Wechat to talk to people, but many years ago, people could only type, or perhaps we can say "text message". But now it has a new function; one can send "voice message".

    You can press the "microphone" button on your screen and say to your cell phone, then the software records what you say. And when you finish what you want to say, the software would send this voice message to your recipient.

    I wonder if I can say such a message a voice message. I have to use "voice message" here because many people just type, they don't speak while others always speak but not type. :)

    Thanks a lot


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    Audio message is the term What's App, the most popular messaging app, uses to describe these types of messages. It's opposed to text message, or multimedia message.
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