Mr GWB, Esq - the designation, Esquire.

So, how do you think one gets the 'title' Esq.? I just had to be born a male to acquire it :p

Since this thread has been revived, I will note that in the US, being born male is not conisdered sufficient to use the designation "Esq." For old-fashioned types like me, every adult could not use it, but it was instead an indication that a man had a university degree. For more modern types, it indicates that the person whose name it follows is a lawyer -- and as such it is used in the US by both men AND women! I find it a little odd, but there are thousands of women out there who have no hesitation about calling themselves "Jane Doe, Esq." or "Lulu Roe, Esq." as a way of announcing that they have been admitted to the bar and are part of the legal profession.

EDIT: This has been (very sensibly!) separated from a two-year old thread that reappeared suddenly through an added comment, which explains the reference above to a thread being "revived".
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    Strange how in the UK top rated surgeons are Mr, but anyone can be Esquire. You know you're snobby and class based when you can employ reverse snobbery without flinching, helps weed out those not in the know.

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