Mre di Armes de St. Etreme Janvier 1877

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  1. jaburch New Member

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    Hi, I have a 19th century, French bayonet and have always been puzzled by the writing on the back of the blade, it reads-
    "Mre di Armes de St. Etreme Janvier 1877"

    I believe di is said, but not positive; I know Armes, de, and Janvier; but what puzzles me is the "Mre" and "St. Etreme", there's no accent on the "Etreme" and I've done extensive searching for Etreme, but the only thing that turns up is an Ecole d'Etreme somewhere in the Orient, otherwise no luck. If anyone can enlighten me I would appreciate it. Thanks!
  2. bernik Senior Member

    Brittany - french
    Maybe Manufacture d'Armes de Saint Etienne ?
  3. Kelly B

    Kelly B Senior Member

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  4. zanshin Member

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    Saint Etienne arms manufacture January 1877 (sword bayonet)
  5. blinnith Senior Member

    Toulouse (from Reims)
    French, France
    It's meaning "Manufacture d'armes de St-Etienne". Mre is for manufacture.
    you could go to these addresses:'infanterie%20Mle%201874.html
    where you could see pictures of the same bayonet and its gun.

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