MSA: مُقَدِّمةُ المُحَقِّقِ


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Hi ,
I have some questions regarding this phrase which i find it at the beginning of a book for children.

1) i think that this phrase is idaafa (right?)
2) مُحَقِّقِ Is the active participle of form ii verb حقّق so it should mean one of these (i could not differentiate which one )

1) one who makes a reality or actuality or one who realizes or actualizes something.
2) examiner of reality ,truth or factuality.
3) ascertainer
4) establisher
5) editor or redactor *see the bottom line.
6) poser of questions.

regarding مقدِّمة ، thought that this was also an active participle for forn ii verb قدّ مَ
And since form i verb قدم means "to precede" form ii verb will normally mean " to make someone precede" and so مقدمة will mean the one who makes something precede.

What does the total phrase mean here ?

My prediction is that in case this is not an idiomatic phrase it means something like:

"The one who makes precede of editor "

*i selected this option but not sure.

Many thanks
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  • المحقق is a scholar who, based on a number of manuscripts, establishes a printed edition of a book. This is usually translated as critical editor.
    For a brief description of a critical edition, see here
    مقدمة is either an introduction or a preface.
    مقدمة المحقق Editor's Preface/Introduction