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  • ayed

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    I disagree with the writer about the translation of this words.
    saqaT implies something very tiny called : سقط المتاع just as tiny crests of a bread, tiny thin chips of cheese..


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    Tunisia Arabic
    The original expression, سقط المتاع has also come to mean --figuratively-- low-level, bad quality, not up to standard. I rather like the creative use of سَقط الطعام for junk food. Although I never heard the expressionbefore, I immediately understand it to mean junk food.


    Arabic (Egypt).
    Just wondering if Egyptians have a term for Junk Food (i.e. chips/candy/crackers/chocolate)?
    For these, we say baskotaat we shebsiyyaat بسكوتات وشيبسيات or, the singular baskoot we shebsi. But if you have in mind other type of junk food, you won't be able to use it. For example, hamburger is هامبورجر , street food is أكل من الشارع ...etc.

    P.S. Some, of course, pronounce شيبسي with a p instead of b, but I gave you what I believe is the more common prononciation.
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