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Hi all,

Despite usually being able to get by in various situations, whenever I've had my hair cut in an Arabic speaking country I've always defaulted to the sit-quietly-and-pray-nothing-goes-wrong school of thought. This needs to change!

Are there any commonly used MSA and/or colloquial idioms for instructing a hairdresser in how to cut one's hair? Do different dialects have very different ways of expressing these?

Do the sort of things one would say in English translate directly into Arabic? For instance, would "Take a little more off the top" be something like خذ اكثر شوية من الأعلى or would something else be understood better?

How would one say something like, "My hair gets thick quite quickly - can you thin it out a bit?"

Any useful phrases would be much appreciated!
  • Kinan

    Senior Member
    خفف كتير/شوي من فوق/ورا/جنب
    شعري بيصير سميك بسرعة, فيك تقلله شوي؟


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    Some general verbs: قص شيل خفف قصر ظبط سيب اترك .
    It ends with someone says نعيما to which you say شكرا or الله ينعم عليك.
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