MSA/All dialects: Read this in your head, not out loud.


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How do you say, "read this/it in your head, not out loud" in your dialect & in MSA? I don't think this would be uttered in MSA (in the context explained below) but I'm just curious how it would be rendered.

Context: Students are sitting together at the same table. All of the students are reading to themselves (not out loud) and one student is reading out loud, interrupting them. The teacher asks him to read in his head, not out loud.

  • Mahaodeh

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    Really?! For me it's the first thing that I would say.

    I suppose it is sort of poetic but I'm so used to it I never thought about it this way.


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    إقرأ بعيونك.
    إقرأ بقلبك. (القاف تلفظ گ واللام مفخمة)
    إقرأ بدون صوت.


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    Oh, I just meant it sounds poetic to me because I’ve never heard it used with this meaning. ;) I was just sharing my gut reaction, not a linguistic assessment (hence the smiley). Sorry for the confusion!


    Arabic (Egypt).
    In Egyptian Arabic, we say اقرا بعينك and اقرا في سرك. We also say اقرا من غير صوت.

    For MSA: اقرأ في صمت، بعينك، دون صوت، سرًّا and the opposite: اقرأ بصوت مسموع، جَهْرًا.
    The whole sentence can be said like this: اقرأ سرًا لا جهرًا.
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