MSA/All dialects: sucker/suction cup (En); ventouse (Fr)

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English - America
Does anyone know a universal way to describe a device meant to hang something from a smooth surface, usually glass, and shaped like a dish/bowl and usually made of rubber?

Thanks! has قدح امتصاص. Is that acceptable?
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    there are also many options: كوب - كأس - مجمع - اسطوانة - رأس - أو مضخة الإمتصاص or كأس سحب (امتصاص or كوب الشفط


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    Arabic, PA and IA.
    Personally, I just say: هاي البلاستيكة اللي بتلزق عل مراي or something similar. Not very convenient but I don't know of a name in Arabic and I don't really refer to it much so it didn't become a problem yet.

    I don't recall a name in Iraqi Arabic either.


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    The Wikipedia page for octopuses uses the word ممصات for the suction cups on its arms.


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    Arabic - Lebanon
    Thank you all.

    I was checking some Arabic e-commerce sites (while trying to avoid the Chinese ones with automatic translations to Arabic). I found that the piece is rendered:
    لاصق شفط
    لاصق بالشفط
    لاصق مطاطي
    حامل لاصق بطريقة الشفط
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