msnm (metros sobre nivel del mar)

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    Sample sentence:
    La estacion de muestreo se ubica a los 2300 msnm.
    La duda está en como escribir en ingles la abreviacion msnm que significa metros sobre el nivel del mar.
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    "2300 meters above sea level" would be the equivalent in English.
    I have never used an abreviation for this phrase (nor do I know of one).

    "The measurement station is located at an altitude of 2300 meters."
    "The measurement station is located 2300 meters above sea level."
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    Hola Pemy....bienvenido/a a los foros

    de hecho sí que existe una abreviación en inglés, que es "masl" (metres above sea level" - utilizada más bien en círculos científicos

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    Well BlueEyes, you learn something new everyday on the WR site... :D
    Since you said "utilizada más bien en círculos científicos", I wondered *which* scientific circles those might be. It is not commonly used in journal articles in Astronomy, Astrophysics or Microwave Engineering, nor have I seen it used in Botany articles. At least, I have not come across it before, even after 30 years of reading. So I did a search on the abbreviation (masl and mbsl) and found that it is often used in Geology and Geography.
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