mtn mdr - maintenant, mort de rire

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  1. Dublabla

    Dublabla Senior Member

    I came across this abbreviation-like things "mtn mdr"
    Looks like it belongs to something used in the Internet, or in friendly way.
    What does this stand for??

  2. jann

    jann co-mod'

    English - USA
    Yes, this is internet chatspeak.

    Mtn = maintenant
    mdr = mort de rire, which means "dying of laughter" and is the equivalent of "laughing out loud" or LOL in English

    You'll find many more here...
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  3. Dublabla

    Dublabla Senior Member

    Thank you jann~!!
    I found it really helpful. In addtion, THE LINK you added is kind of good present to me. Thank you Encore une fois~!!

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