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Hello to all

Hope you're having a nice day. These are my questions

1. Do you use much in affirmative sentences? For example: I've known people who earn much money. Or would that only be "... a lot of money"? Someone told me that using much in affirmative sentences was Brittish, but I don't see this person as a very reliable source, so you'll prove him either right or wrong.


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  • panjandrum

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    I've known people who earn so much money they don't know what to do with it.

    I've known people who earn too much money.

    But not ....much money.


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    Hola Maricles,

    I don't know much about British usage, but I suspect your source knows no more than I do.

    With AE as much a mystery as BE at times, I suspect the usage patterns are similar.


    James Stephens

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    Noun: Much of it went to waste.
    Adverb: I am much faster than he is.
    Adjective: Some people earn too much money. Some people find much satisfaction in doing good works. Much time and care have been devoted to this project.

    I happens, but much is rarely used as an adjective in an affirmative sentence. Your friend's mistake was making an statement that did not allow exceptions.
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