Much ado about nothing


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Hello to all!

This is my first post in this forum, since my German is not so good:eek:, but I need t give a hand to a friend, so I thought the best place to ask would be WR forums.

I need to know a saying, both in English and German, for the following: when there is a big fuss about something, there are great expectations, and then in the end, the result is small and unimportant.

I am not sure if English "Much Ado about Nothing" is correct saying for this, if yes, then how it is said in German?

Thank you very much in advance.

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    Hello natasha :)

    Another possibility, in some contexts: "Der Berg kreißte und gebar eine Maus". (Quelle: Zitat daraus:

    Wenn jemand große Vorbereitungen trifft, große Versprechungen macht und kaum etwas dabei herauskommt, dann zitiert man heute: „Der Berg kreißte und gebar eine Maus” oder auch nur: „Der Berg gebar eine Maus.
    Literally in English: "The mountain was in labour and gave birth to a mouse".
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