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Carlos Eduardo

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Hello everyone!

What's the difference between "much more" and "rather more"?

Some sentences:
These shoes are much more comfortable. (Longman)
The task proved to be rather more difficult than I had expected. (Longman)
The problem is rather more complicated than we had expected. (Macmillan)
The dissemination of these will therefore be much more detailed than last year. (

Thank you so much in advance!
  • Glasguensis

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    These are both subjective qualifiers indicating how much more X the thing is. Much more comes higher than rather more in a rising scale.

    For example 1% more might be slightly more, 5% a little more, 20% rather more and 80% much more. But as these measures are subjective, what any particular person considers to be rather more or much more is hard to know.


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    Hello Carlos,

    the difference could lie in the degree to which X exceeds Y.

    much more = to a great degree
    rather more = somewhat more = to a certain degree = to some degree

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    Carlos Eduardo

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    Thanks, Glasguensis and morior_invictus! :)
    Can I use "rather more" with countable or uncountable nouns? For example, can I say "rather more pollution" and "rather more opportunities"?
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