mud baths


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Here is the Piggy
He goes Oink...Oink
He loves to take mud baths.

[Souree : a story book]

Here, I could understand the mud bath as, "The piggy bathes in the mud". Am I right?

If I am correct, then, I wonder how the two nouns go together i.e. mud and bath. I would have written it as, "muddy baths" because muddy is an adjective which modifies the noun baths.

Please help me.
  • hezekiah

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    it's like a complex noun-a muddy bath would just be bathwater with mud in it-a mud bath is mostly mud-its supposed to be healthy


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    American English
    If you bathe in mud, you take a mud-bath. As hezikiah points out, some people actually do bathe in special kinds of mud because the mud is supposed to be good for your skin or for your health.
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