mud from a witch doctor


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The text below is from an interview with Thebe Magugu who won a design competition (LVMH Prize in South Africa). I'm wondering what the underlined parts mean.

One of my favourite pieces is a pleated set. One could think it’s a print but it’s actually mud from a witch doctor, who literally lives on top of a mountain. Obviously, we had to cure it and apply an immense amount of heat to it so it just doesn’t wash off as dirt. It’s a beautiful red garment, so I think that’s the surprising hidden details that I really love in my clothes.

Any comments would be appreciated.
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    This refers to how an item of clothing was colored red. One might think it is a print, that is, fabric on which a design was printed with ink. However, it was actually colored with red mud that the designer obtained from a witch doctor who lives on a mountain. Normally, mud would wash out of a garment, just as any mud that we get on our clothes by accident can be washed out. Magugu treated the mud with heat so it would not wash out.

    Does that help?
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