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BBC - Nelson Mandela funeral: 'Millions misspent'

South Africa's corruption watchdog has found officials misused millions of dollars during Nelson Mandela's funeral four years ago.
According to the report, 300m rand ($22m; £16m) was redirected from a development fund to help with costs.
It had been earmarked for things like "sanitation, the replacement of mud schools and the refurbishment of hospitals," the report stated.
Instead, the authorities allegedly spent it on items like $24 T-shirts.

Can you explain what mud schools means?
  • e2efour

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    You can make bricks from mud and so can use them in the construction of schools.

    Obviously such schools are not meant to be permanent structures.

    Hermione Golightly

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    I agree with e2efour's understanding of the term 'mud schools'. It's a term that's only relevant to Africa or places where bricks are made out of dried mud. I imagine that in those places it has an even deeper meaning, such as, maybe, 'temporary' and 'impermanent'.
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