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I teach Spanish and my students often ask me how to say either of these phrases. The reason I put them together is that they are often used to describe a similar activity.
The closest translation I can think of is 'ir de maquina de cuatro ruedas'. If there is an actual word for it, I would appreciate any help in learning it.

Enseño español y mis estudiantes a menudo me preguntan como decir 'mudding/four-wheeling'. Los dos describen una actividad similar y por eso los pongo juntos.
La frase que uso en clase es 'ir de maquina de cuatro ruedas'. Me gustaría saber si hay otra palabra para esta actividad.
  • adammartin

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    Hello, I've been running into the same thing with my students. I would say "andar en cuatrímoto" to refer to four wheeling. I'm not sure what you would say for "mudding".
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